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2003.7.24a T. Kondo
以下、ATLAS Physics TDRを、各章ごとの pdf ファイルに分解しました。


Table of contents

Chapter 1: Experiment overview

Chapter 2: Simulation of detector and physics performance 

Chapter 3: Inner detector

Chapter 4: Electromagnetic calorimetry

Chapter 5: Hadronic calorimetry 

Chapter 6: Muon system 

Chapter 7: Electron and photon identification and measurement 

Chapter 8: Muon identification and measurements

Chapter 9: Jet, ETmiss, and mass reconstruction

Chapter 10: b-tagging performance 

Chapter 11: Trigger performance

Chapter 12: Determination of the mass scale

Chapter 13: Luminosity measurement

Appendix A: Members of the ATLAS Collaboration 

Table of contents

Chapter 14: Physics overview 

Chapter 15: QCD processes at the LHC 

Chapter 16: Physics of electroweak gauge bosons 

Chapter 17: B-physics

Chapter 18: Heavy quarks and leptons 

Chapter 19: Higgs bosons 

Chapter 20: Supersymmetry 

Chapter 21: Other physics beyond the Standard Model

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